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Looka AI-powered logo design generator
Looka AI-powered logo design generator

Organized By Category & Use Case

At (ai)nfluent, we make it easy for sales and marketing professionals to find the right AI tools for their needs. Our recommendations are organized by category and use case, allowing you to quickly find the perfect tool for your needs. Whether you’re looking for an AI-driven email marketing platform, a customer segmentation tool, or AI-powered productivity tools & more, we have the perfect recommendations for you.

The Best AI Tools for Content Creation:

Murf.ai: Murf.ai is an AI-powered text-to-speech tool, generating human-like text-to-speech content for marketing purposes.

  • Use Case: Generate human-like text-to-speech content - Find it Here

Pictory: Pictory utilizes AI to create engaging video content, helping you produce AI-generated videos that leave a lasting impression.

  • Use Case: Produce AI-generated videos. - Find it Here

Writesonic: Writesonic is an AI-powered content writing tool - similar to ChatGPT - that generates compelling marketing content & emails, and more.

  • Use Case: Generate marketing content. - Find it Here

TextBuilder: TextBuilder is an AI-powered tool for generating text, enabling you to create content for marketing purposes.

  • Use Case: Generate top quality marketing content. - Find it Here

Adcreative.ai: AI-powered advertising creative tool.

  • Use Case: Create compelling ads. - Find it Here

Looka: AI-powered logo design tool.

  • Use Case: Create professional logos. - Find it Here

The Best Outreach & Email Marketing Tools:

SMTP: SMTP is a platform for sending emails, facilitating efficient email marketing campaigns.

  • Use Case: Outbound mutli-channel outreach engagement cadences. - Find it Here

Brevo: Brevo is a cutting-edge AI outreach engagement technology platform to enhance customer interactions, personalize outreach, and nurture leads

  • Use Case: Sales and marketing outreach (email & content) backed with AI. - Find it Here

Campaigner: Campaigner enhances your email marketing campaigns, allowing you to craft and send targeted emails that engage and resonate.

  • Use Case: Enhanced email campaigns and cadences. - Find it Here

Bouncer: Bouncer ensures clean and accurate email lists by verifying and validating email addresses, enhancing the success of your email campaigns.

  • Use Case: Email & contact info validation. - Find it Here

Best Tools for Hiring Freelance Marketers:

MarketerHire: Platform for hiring freelance marketers.

  • Use Case: Outsource marketing tasks.

Top AI Marketing Suite Platforms:

Adobe: Adobe's suite for marketing and creative needs. Use Case:

  • Manage and create marketing content.

Optimal AI Marketing Chatbots & Messaging:

ManyChat: Messenger marketing platform with chatbot capabilities.

  • Use Case: Engage customers through messenger marketing.

Top AI-Enabled Website Platforms, Building & Hosting:

Namecheap: Website builder and domain hosting platform.

  • Use Case: Build and host websites.

Pagecloud: Website building platform.

  • Use Case: Create and manage websites.

Pixpa: Website builder and portfolio platform.

  • Use Case: Showcase work in a portfolio.

Web.com: Website builder.

  • Use Case: Create websites.

Network Solutions: Website builder.

  • Use Case: Build online presence.

Top AI Productivity Tools - Time, Project, and Meeting Management:

Calendar.com: Calendar.com provides a tool for efficient time and project management, helping you organize tasks and projects.

Monday.com: Monday.com is a project management and collaboration tool, enabling you to plan and manage projects effectively.

  • Use Case: Plan and manage projects.

  • Link: Monday.com

Krisp: Noise Cancellation for Calls & Virtual Meetings + Optional AI-transcription & meeting note taking.

  • Use Case: Background Noise Cancelling & Note Taking.

The Best AI Tools for Document Management:

DocHub: DocHub is an online PDF editing and signing platform, streamlining document management.

  • Use Case: Edit and sign PDF documents.

  • Link:

SignNow: SignNow is an e-signature platform for signing documents digitally, facilitating streamlined document signing.

  • Use Case: Digitally sign and manage documents.

  • Link:

PdfFiller: PdfFiller is an online PDF editing and form-filling tool, streamlining document editing.

The Best Discounted AI Tools Marketplaces:

AppSumo: AppSumo provides exclusive software deals and discounts, offering access to various software deals.

  • Use Case: Access to software deals and discounts.

  • Link: AppSumo

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